NEJB Endorses Barbara L’Italien for Congress


“We’re proud to endorse Senator L’Italien in her campaign for Congress. Senator L’Italien has been a close friend of the NEJB for years. She lent her voice to our members at Polartec in Lawrence when they were thrown out of their jobs through no fault of their own. She was a leader in the state delegation supporting our campaign to win justice for Polartec workers. She has also built a strong progressive track record in her time in the state legislature advocating for a range of progressive issues from advancing pro-worker legislation to protecting the elderly and people with disabilities. Barbara has built a reputation as a fearless advocate who is willing to choose to do the right thing rather than the politically expedient thing. 

The Third Congressional District needs people like Senator L’Italien in Washington willing to take bold and sometimes politically risky positions on critical issues that actually matter for working people. Workers in the district can no longer afford to be the support network to elected officials masquerading as progressives. The political moment we find ourselves in is having very real consequences for many of our members. What they need now is a leader in Washington who isn’t afraid to act on their progressive ideals not only to protect people threatened in the current environment but to begin moving us forward again. Senator L’Italien has proven that she is capable of taking bold stances and delivering for working people. She’ll take this experience to Washington, with a foot firmly planted in her district, as she always has, and fight for working families. Our members, whether they’re sewing a garment or serving a meal, know they can count on Barbara.”

Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District includes the cities of Lowell, Lawrence, and Haverhill. The NEJB represents over 1,200 members in the needletrades, manufacturing, food service, laundry, and distribution industries in in the 3rd CD. The NEJB is a progressive union of immigrant workers at the forefront of the labor movement.