The New England Joint Board is one of the largest unions in the region representing manufacturing workers. Here is a list of just some of the products NEJB members make. This is only a partial list, mostly of products that are commercially available to civilian consumers. Our members also make all types of products for military and industrial use.

Polartec Fleece: Our members at Local 311 in Hudson, New Hampshire manufacture high performance fleece textiles for the outdoor industry and military. Polartec fleece can be found in such popular brands as The North Face and Mountain Hard Wear. Polartec employees also proudly manufacture the highest quality textiles for all branches of the US military. Much of Polartec’s product line is made from recycled materials.

Sterlingwear of Boston: Sterlingwear of Boston is a manufacturer of outerwear. Our members at Local 1 in East Boston, MA make all of Sterlingwear’s products which include overcoats, jackets, and most notably; peacoats. Sterlingwear has been the exclusive manufacturer of the US Navy peacoat for over 40 years.

Southwick: Southwick is a manufacturer of tailored clothing. Our members at local 187 in Haverhill, Massachusetts make custom tailored men’s suits and clothing for such brands as Brooks Brothers and Orvis. Additionally, Local 187 members proudly make dress uniforms for the US Navy. Notable customers of Southwick include Stephen Colbert and Vice President Joe Biden.

Joseph Abboud: Joseph Abboud is a designer and manufacturer of menswear. Our members at Local 377 in New Bedford, Massachusetts make Joseph Abboud’s tailored suits and clothing. Joseph Abboud is a world renowned designer whose clothing is frequently seen in some of the world’s most high-profile design showcases and fashion shows. Our members make over 1,000 Joseph Abboud suits everyday.

New England Shirt Company: New England Shirt Company in Fall River, Massachusetts manufactures high-quality dress and sport shirts. Our members at Local 177 make shirts for all occasions with a unique New England style.

US Button: US Button is a family-owned company that manufactures button products in Putnam, Connecticut. Members of Local 1036T make buttons for various clothing uses out of numerous materials including recycled, organic, and fire-retardant materials. Our members proudly manufacture products for the US military.

Bennington Potters: Bennington Potters is a well-known manufacturer of handcrafted pottery products. Members of Local 341 in Bennington, Vermont are skilled artisans making bowls, plates, cups, mugs, and bakeware. The century old production site is a popular attraction in Vermont and Bennington pottery is renowned for its quality and unique style.

Microwire Products: Microwire Products of Brockton, Massachusetts is a manufacturer of custom store fixtures, point of purchase displays, drop boxes, carts, wire baskets, hangers, garment racks, and Durasan China. Members of Local 229 make custom products out of wire, tubing, sheet metal , plastic and wood.

Klear-Vu: Klear-Vu makes chair pads and cushions from its Fall River, Massachusetts factory. Members of Local 624 make “the Gripper” cushions for stools, chairs, and rocking chairs. The cushions have a slip-resistant underside that keeps the cushion on the chair without the need for string ties.

Bixby International: Our members of Local 12A in Newburyport, Massachusetts manufacture a wide variety of high performance multilayer plastic sheet. Bixby’s products go into a number of high end applications including shoes, military boots, FDA approved industrial conveyor belts, orthopedic braces, dental retainers, battery separators, coated fabric applications, cure in place piping, and many others.  Bixby Employees take great pride in manufacturing to the highest standards, being good stewards of the environment, and giving back to the community.