The NEJB is governed and operated by an Executive Board of rank and file union members elected by the local delegates. Full time officers are elected by local delegates to handle the day-to-day operations of the union. Staff are appointed by officers to service members, enforce and negotiate contracts, administer union benefits, organize new workers, oversee dues collection, build education and political programs, and maintain union communications. The following is a list of officers and staff of the NEJB.

Executive Board

  • Bert Barao, Local 177, President
  • Carmen Cotto, Local 141, Recording Secretary
  • Laurie Andrews, Local 301, Vice President
  • Jean-Gerald Louisjean, Local 229, Vice President
  • Wendy Guerrero, Local 242, Vice President
  • Janet Smith, Local 919, Vice President


  • Warren Pepicelli, Manager and UNITE HERE Executive Vice President
  • Ethan Snow, Secretary-Treasurer and UNITE HERE Vice President


  • Jim Carvalho, Staff Director
  • Marcelle Davis, Lead Business Agent
  • Victor Maldonado, Lead Business Agent
  • Kat Miles, Lead Business Agent
  • Janel Thomas, Business Agent
  • Dialena Lopes, Business Agent
  • Jordan Rogers, Business Agent
  • Frank Sosa, Lead Organizer
  • Gilberto Concepcion, Organizer
  • Ramona Celis, Organizer
  • Emma Delaney, Organizer
  • Thomas Power, Organizer
  • Kelly Thren, Executive Assistant to the Manager
  • Aimee Chin, Administrative Assistant – Accounts Receivable
  • Jessica Claudio, Administrative Assistant – Accounts Payable
  • Wendy Su, Administrative Assistant – Bookkeeper
  • Carmen Vega, Administrative Assistant – Benefits

New England Joint Board UNITE HERE
33 Harrison Avenue 8th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617-426-1515
Fax: 617-426-1653

Office Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

For questions about Dues call:

(617) 832-6635


For questions about Pensions and Health Benefits call:

(617) 832-6623