New England Joint Board UNITE HERE
33 Harrison Avenue 8th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617-426-1515
Fax: 617-426-1653

Office Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

Executive Board

  • Bert Barao, Local 177, President
  • Barbara Breaux, Local 313, Executive Vice President
  • Roger Gay, Local 406, Vice President
  • Janet Smith, Local 919, Vice President
  • Brian Coutu, Local 1554T, Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Amy Gronus, Local 2527T, Recording Secretary


  • Warren Pepicelli, Manager and UNITE HERE Executive Vice President
  • Andy Press, Secretary-Treasurer and UNITE HERE Vice President


  • Frances Boyes, Director of Representation
  • Ethan Snow, Chief of Staff/Political Director
  • Joao Baptista, Director of Organizing
  • Ray Acosta, Business Agent
  • LaKisha Collins, Business Agent
  • Allyson Garcia, Business Agent
  • Aliza Levine, Business Agent
  • Frank Sosa, Business Agent
  • Sha Yeaton, Business Agent
  • Gilberto Concepcion, Organizer
  • Satchel Forrester, Organizer
  • Prachi Goyal, Organizer
  • Kelly Thren, Executive Assistant to the Manager
  • Aimee Chin, Administrative Assistant
  • Sandra Gabriel, Administrative Assistant
  • Janet Drouin, Administrative Assistant
  • Carmen Vega, Administrative Assistant