NEJB Members Create New Storyline in MA Senate Race

Things are heating up in the Massachusetts Senate special election. Democrat Ed Markey, the NEJB’s endorsed candidate, is running to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry, now US Secretary of State. Ed Markey has advocated for Massachusetts’ working families for over 30 years in the US House as a Congressman from Malden. His near perfect labor voting record and pioneering stances on environmental and other progressive issues makes him the clear choice for union workers. His opponent, Republican Gabriel Gomez, is a businessman from Cohasset who made millions as a private equity executive. Gomez has no experience running for or holding elected office. 

Recently Gomez visited Polartec in Lawrence, MA, a textile mill represented by NEJB Local 311. The visit was intended to highlight Gomez’s latino roots with the over 85% latino workforce at Polartec. NEJB members were there to meet Gomez and show support for a real worker-firendly candidate; Ed Markey. While Gomez was inside the mill touting his ideas for new trade agreements which have historically devastated American’s manufacturing industry, NEJB members were rallying and meeting with press outside the mill. NEJB members called for Gomez to release his client list and details about his business experience as a private equity executive, a heretofore unknown piece of Gomez’s past. Questions continue to be asked about Gomez’s work record. As NEJB Manager Warren Pepicelli stated; “Gomez touts his business experience as a quality that qualifies him to serve in the US Senate. The voters deserve to know what the business experience entails.”What was supposed to be a strong press opportunity and shining story for the Gomez campaign opened up more questions about his unclear background and experience. As NEJB member Annia Lembert said: “He needs to do more than just speak Spanish to win our support. He needs to show his commitment to workers. We know where Ed Markey stands; with us.”

Massachusetts Senate special election will be held on June 25. The NEJB and Massachusetts Labor Movement supports Ed Markey for Senate. 

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