Secretary-Treasurer Sam Giurleo Retires

The NEJB would like to congratulate Sam Giurleo on his 41 years of service to the members of the New England Joint Board. Sam recently retired as Secretary-Treasurer of the NEJB. Sam emigrated to Boston from Italy when he was 8 years old. His mother was a stitcher and member of the ILGWU and his father was a tailor. He began work for the ILGWU in 1971 as an accountant and has remained with the union ever since, gradually working his way up to become Secretary-Treasurer and seeing the union merge with ACTWU to form UNITE and finally with HERE to form UNITE HERE. His leadership has guided our Joint Board through many difficult times into a position where we are well-equipped to move forward into the future. We are grateful for his loyalty and devotion to the members of the union and the cause of working people everywhere. We wish him and his family the best of luck in his retirement.

In November the delegates of the NEJB elected Andy Press to succeed Sam upon his retirement. Andy has three decades of service to the union beginning as an auditor for the ILGWU in New York City. He has experience in many aspects of running the union and has also seen our union through multiple mergers. Andy is excited to begin work as Secretary-Treasurer and we congratulate and welcome him.